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The high school diploma awarded by GCA will be the same for all graduates. Academic accomplishments earned through honors credit will be noted on the transcript (the official academic achievement record) as well as reflected in the grade point average and class rank. Students will not receive a diploma prior to the completion of all requirements for graduation. Participation in graduation exercises prior to completion of course requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Grace Christian Academy reserves the right to revoke participation in graduation activities for any student not demonstrating academic or behavioral standards commensurate with GCA guidelines. Official transcripts will be furnished by the school upon request. 


The graduation requirements for Grace Christian Academy consist of the satisfactory completion of 26 units of credit in the courses listed for the Foundational High School Program. Students who satisfactorily complete 26 units of credits will be required to take 4 units of credit in Bible, English, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Foreign language requires 2 credits, P.E. 1 unit of credit, Speech 1/2 unit, Fine Arts 1 unit, and Electives 1-1/2 units. 

The Board of GCA has voted to comply with HB5 Texas Legislature concerning graduation requirements. GCA requires a class in Biblical Studies for each year the student attends GCA. Each student’s family will select which of the levels that will be appropriate for their student. 

In order to graduate and participate in commencement students must complete all credit requirements. Requirements for graduation are as follows: 


  • Bible - 4
  • English - 4
  • Social Studies - 4
  • Science - 4
  • Mathematics - 4
  • Spanish (Foreign Language) - 2 
  • Physical Education - 1
  • Fine Arts - 1
  • Speech - .5
  • Other Electives 1.5 

For a list of recommended courses, please review our GCA Family Handbook.