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The educational philosophy of Grace Christian Academy is that God lovingly planned all creation with an eternal purpose.  God is the center of life.  He has revealed Himself through His written Word, His Living Word and His creation.  He is the author of all things and desires to be intimately involved with His creation.  

God created man in His image, unique and valuable.  However, because of one man’s sin, all of mankind is separated from fellowship with God.  Only through the sacrificial death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, is the restoration of intimacy with God made available.  

The Holy Spirit works to convict man of his sin and reveals to man his need to receive salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit then guides, teaches and comforts the redeemed man through His indwelling.

The lifelong process of education is the progressive realization of each person’s unique God-given physical, social, spiritual and mental potential.  Through godly teachers, led by the Holy Spirit, Biblical truths become the framework for all knowledge.  By learning to filter all knowledge and experience through the Word of God, the student becomes able to determine God’s truth and develop wisdom.  The student is led to discover God’s presence in all aspects of life and to realize a personal role in God’s plan.  The student then is equipped to be used by the Holy Spirit to effect positive change in the world.

God has commanded parents to teach their children to love God and honor Him in all they do.  The Christian school becomes a partner with the parents in accomplishing this goal.