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For 30 years, families have given sacrificially to build a Christian school equipped to train, prepare and equip children in Christian principles and service. As a faith-based school, Grace Christian Academy depends upon both tuition revenue and charitable giving to accomplish its mission. Tuition compensates faculty, funds programs, and maintains the campus for your child’s Christian education. Charitable giving provides for growth. New buildings and athletic facilities, new arts programs and equipment, faculty development, and advanced curriculum and technology would not happen without gifts from parents, grandparents, alumni and friends.

While some things have certainly changed over the past 30 years, we continue to rely on our families and friends in various ways:

Partnership – It is a privilege to partner with parents and churches in our community to raise up confident Christian young men and women. Our families play an active role, not only in the education of their own children, but also by supporting and volunteering in classrooms and co-curricular activities along with helping with athletics, arts and special events. Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) and Eagle Club also provide a variety of opportunities for family involvement.

Financial Support – Every dollar from every family is stewarded with the utmost care to support the mission with a clear eye on the future. Generous giving ensures that our teachers and students have the programs and facilities they need to excel. GCA asks that every family give first to one of our fundraising activities so that the school can meet the strategic priorities of each school year. In addition to that, many families choose to give designated projects which allow us to excel still more.

If you would like to discuss ways in which you can partner with GCA is preparing students for greatness, please call our Head of School, Darrell Smith at  281-506-4415.